Monday, April 8, 2013

Rain and You

Day 8  It's funny how when you are looking for a subject to write about, nature can just jump up and say."Hey, look here this should work."

          RAIN AND YOU

Last night I drove home in rain and I
thought of you
Each swipe of the wiper blade seemed to
whisper your name
Rain has no sadness for me It was raining
when we met
I thought of the many days we shared
in the rain
The evenings in the restaurants and theatres
around town
The way we burned up the back seat of
that Ford Falcon
The night the cop shined his
light on us
He looked so funny with rain dripping
off his hat
Yes these memories of us in the rain brings a
smile to my face
But I know tomorrow the sun will shine and
I will be sad
It was a sunny day after the rain that
we said good-bye

Dale Butler
April, 2013


  1. Great poem Dale, on this string of rainy days. Welcome to week 2 of NaPoWriMo!!

  2. Great job on this poem, Dale! It's a bittersweet story of memories, but I'm glad rainy days bring a smile to your face! Maybe I'll share a rainy day story with you, too, sometime.

  3. Great poem, very touching. Excellent, unexpected, turn of emotion coupled with the change in the weather.