Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pride, Fear and Blame

Day 11  I'm a few days behind, hopefully I'll be able to make up ground later. In the meantime here's one inspired by Brad Paisley's new song "Accidental Racists." If you haven't heard it I encourage you to do so. It is very controversial. the messgae init goes so much deeper than mere racists rhetoric. 

Pride, Fear and Blame

I’m a black man and
All you see is a gangster

I’m a southern white man and
All you see is a racist

I wear my baggy pants in
Protest of your racism

I wear my rebel flag tee shirt to
Show ancestral pride

I’m suspicious of you
With that flag

I’m afraid of you
With baggy pants

You pack a gun under
That white hat

You pack one in your
Baggy pants

I am proud of my
Black heritage

I am proud of my
Southern heritage

I am stuck somewhere between
Pride and fear

I am stuck somewhere between
Pride and blame


  1. I like that song too, and your take on the statement. Right or wrong it's important to have the conversation, or we can never move forward.