Saturday, April 6, 2013

Harmonic Magic

Day 6   A Valediction

For two years she has been there every Thursday morning. Sitting at my piano, directing me, making me warm up my voice before attempting to sing. She stops me in mid-note, makes me take a deeper breath. Encourages me without fail, but also corrects me when needed. We performed in coffee house open mike sessions. I attended the gigs her band played and will continue to do so. But she wants to move on now to dedicate time to composing and promoting her music. I support her in that, but I don't know what I'll do with my Thursday mornings.


No matter the type of relationship
Be it of the soul, the heart, the flesh
When it ends the pain of loss begins
Short or long lived that pain is real

Ours was mostly professional, but at times
When a note was reached, a timing problem solved
A song jelled, high fives given
Professionalism transcended

Hearts touched, so briefly, so lightly
Tearfully gentle, heartbreakingly strong
In harmonic magic; nature ruled
Emotions flowed, like water over a smooth stone

Sometimes we harmonized perfectly
Laughed at mistakes, cried over a sad song
Our hearts reached out to gently caress the other
And for a brief moment we were of one mind and heart

But alas all good things must end
But I believe were it not for the chasm of years
The commitments we have to others
You and I could forever, sail on an ocean of song

Dale Butler
April, 2013


  1. Wow! What an amazing poem and an amazing relationship! Thanks for sharing, Dale!

    I hope you both find beauty at sea and more like-minded and like-hearted sojourners, as you begin to sail in your new directions. I'm sorry for the pain of parting, too.